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Collection of links related to the issue of traditional water use (constantly supplemented)


  • Bisses, Suonen, Waale, Levadas -"Heilige Wasser", Website of Volkmar Schmidt:

  • Aktion PfalzStorch": Campaign for the conservation of the White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) and its habitats in Rhineland-Palatinate (southwest Germany): 

  • Le Musée valaisan des Bisses:

  • About the Wässermatten (water meadows) of the Oberaargau Region (Switzerland):

  • Fléizen - Meadow irrigation in Kiischpelt, Luxembourg (Site in German and French)

  • Website of the Lankheet estate (Twente, the Netherlands) and the Stichting Waterpark managing the preserved vloeiweiden (water meadow systems) (Site in Dutch, Contact: Eric Brinckmann)

  • Webpage of Natuurpunt Noord-Limburg about the vloeiweiden (water meadows) in Lommel-Kolonie (Flanders, Belgium) (Site in Dutch, Contact: Albert Mertens, Albert Jansen)


  • Current project for the preservation of the traditional meadow irrigation in the Rednitztal (Middle Franconia, Germany)

  • "Wässerwiesen" by Dieter Hassler, Michael Hassler & Karl-Heinz Glaser (Site in German):

  • Collection of interesting figures and information about water channels, irrigation and use of water power by Alain Schrambach (Link provided by Eugène Lehmann)

  • "Schiltacher Flößer" (timber raftsmen of Schiltach) - a group in Schiltach (Black Forest, Germany) maintaining the tradition of timber rafting (Site in German):

  • About the situation of traditional irrigation systems in Afghanistan (Website of the Asian Development Bank):

  • Film commissioned by UNESCO showing the current situation and state of the karez in Iraq  (Link provided by Casey Walther):  (Film Part 1) (Film Part 2)


  • Navajo Nation Small Farmer Risk Management Project:


  • Writings of Edward Goldsmith regarding traditional agriculture:

  • Deutsche Wasserhistorische Gesellschaft (German Waterhistorical Association):
  • Frontinus-Gesellschaft (scientific association focussing on the history of water supply):






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