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The «International Network on Traditional Water Use» is a global network promoting historical documentation and rehabilitation perspectives of traditional water use objects.

Current activities focus mainly on Traditional Irrigation Systems. Once these systems have created unique historic landscapes all across Europe, yet usually have survived at most as relic features nowadays. The last sites where the traditional operation has been upkept require special attention and specific concepts for their conservation and restoration. Hence, there is an ongoing programme «Cultural Heritage of Traditional Irrigation in Europe». Any interested individual or group is welcomed to get involved in that project at any time (see Traditional Irrigation in Europe – Background).



In addition, the «International Network on Traditional Water Use» (INTwater) is an open and international communication forum, the objective of which is to document and preserve items and knowledge of manifold traditional water uses. Be it the exploitation of (potable) water from springs and galleries, the establishment of marvelous fountains, the construction of intricate, sophistic irrigation systems or the use of water power in various water mills, such as sawmills and hammermills, the traditional knowledge and skill were complex and usually committed to ecological and social sustainability.

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